About us

About US

Iso Studios Corp is a company based in New York City in the United States of America.

With a high experience in the field of Data Science


 We have a diversity of companies as clients :

  • UBM where we analyze and predict all their sales and production processes in the oil and gas field.


  • MLBA where we have alliances with player’s agents and we analyze and value their clients for cases of salary arbitration in MLB and to get better contracts for them.


  • Sports Academies where we analyze and predict the statistics of baseball and soccer players, as well their future performance and injuries(avoiding them).


  • In Business Marketing we create a strong relationship between company and clients, evaluating each sale and each client to make them grow.

Increasing Customers:

1. Loyal: even they are faithful, we evaluate and analyze their behavior and decisions to keep them where they are and be able to use that info as a model to attract new customers.


2. Compliant: at the regular or compliant client we make a extensive evaluation of their behaviors to make them a constant and loyal client.


3. Non-compliant: we evaluate their experiences and behaviors to bring them to a higher level.

We achieve this through our customer service software, loyalty programs, discount coupons,  monthly rewards, etc.

We use survey as a tool of measure clients results and satisfaction.

In the same way we analyze, and create models to improve the financial production of the company or client, the improvement in inventory and even transportation routes.